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Receive 20 Stem Cuttings NOW for $59.95 with free shipping. This does not include the oxyclone machine. You must order that separately from another source such as Amazon. $56.88 with free next day delivery.

Purchase one and eat for a lifetime by learning how to clone in just plain water. Multiplies easily and quickly. It just does not get any better.

Too Late Folks-Sorry - Please check back in the spring.

We have the strongest, healthiest cuttings we have ever offered. Gynura will grow beautifully year-round in an indoor container placed in a sunny window. We highly recommend the purchase of an oxyCLONE, as it has proven to be the absolute best method for growing and reproducing Gynura. It loves sunlight, window light, artificial florescent lights, HPS and MH lights as well. If you understand hydroponics, this plant will grow beyond your wildest dreams. Clones are bringing as much as $35.00 each. We will hope that you share it or offer it at a fair price... Any statements made have not been approved, tested, or evaluated by the USDA or FDA and you are encouraged to discuss the use of this herb with your health care professional and perform your own do diligence research.



The oxyCLONE 20 is the latest flagship cloning device and available throughout the country for small money. Everyone should expect success. This system has proven to be the absolute best way to reproduce your Gynura species. Use it for basil and and other herbs as well. Find a nice sunny window and you now have your own organic year round perpetual garden with just water.

Seriously folks. You can't get any more organic than growing yourself. You can use the oxyCLONE to turn a piece of your favorite tomato plant, rose bush, lilac, etc. into 20 of them. Gynura cuttings sell from $10 to $35 each depending on how big and where you are located. Give them to your friends. Detoxify yourself - Get Healthy  

Gynura procumbens and Gynura crepiodes
Ask us about crepiodes or gynura bi-color

Gynura crepiodes or Okinawa spinach
Ask us about crepiodes or gynura bi-color



These are the gynura procumbens cuttings before we trim the leafs off.
These are the gynura crepiodes cuttings before we trim the leafs off.
They leafs are trimmed and they are placed in artesian spring water.
They are wrapped in a wet paper towel and packaged for delivery to you home.
Too Late Folks-Sorry - Please check back in the spring.



Please perform your own internet research about the uses of gynura procumbens.
There are hundreds of articles available.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
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