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You are what you eat. For someone living with diabetes nothing could be truer. When it comes to maintaining good blood sugar levels, a healthy diet is vital. People with diabetes have to take extra care to ensure their diet is properly balanced with their insulin and oral medications. The right meal plan will also help any person living with diabetes improve their blood glucose levels.

We are extremely excited to introduce you to Longevity Spinach, an ancient Thai herb known to reduce blood sugar and reverse diabetes. (Pronounced “ paetumpung”) Scientific Name: (Gynura procumbens Lour. Merrill) Known as Longevity Spinach it is said to be effective on Type 2 Diabetes and has proven to lower blood glucose on type 1 diabetes as well. Being an anti viral and anti-inflammatory herb it has the ability to help regulate not only the blood glucose, but also blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It has also shown promising results against viruses such as cancer and HIV.

Longevity Spinach (gynura procumbens) can be eaten fresh like a salad, stir fried with other vegetables, juiced, and also enjoyed as a cup of tea. It has a very delicious taste. Let us share a story with you about someone who is very special to Diabetes Living. He has lived with type 1 diabetes for 45 years; been an instructor to children on how to get improved control over their diabetes; a medical device specialist in the diabetes care industry responsible for introducing many new technological products, and a very sick man for the majority of his life. 5 years ago, this man met his wife, a Thai native with a complex history of Thai herbal healing and energy work. His wife told him, “In Thailand, I have a plant that will fix your diabetes”. This man laughed, knowing there were no cures for type1 diabetes. It wasn't until this man traveled with his wife to Thailand and first tasted this miraculous plant; “Paetumpung” that he knew his life would never be the same. After eating the plant multiple times a day for over a month, his health conditions were dramatically improved. His diabetes was under much better control.

So after returning to the US the couple have been sharing their knowledge, resources, and roots with the rest of the world.

Many countries throughout Asia have multiple folk medicine uses for this miraculous herb. We are seeking relationships with Naturopathic Research Centers and individuals that would like to conduct the first Human Clinical Studies using Gynura procumbens to learn more about its clinical effectiveness. We can deliver quantities large enough to supply your clinical investigational studies. Gynura procumbens clearly could become the newest Natural medicine to treat many serious health conditions. Green Harmony Organic Farms located in northern Thailand is developing our first extracted formula for capsules and the hair re-growth products.

Please perform your own internet research about the uses of gynura procumbens. There are hundreds of articles available.

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